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Special Sales Notice

Posted By on May 2, 2012

Unless specific dates are provided in any of the following posts regarding sales, discounts, and/or specials … the discounted prices will be offered in individual stores only while current supplies last.

Happy Holidays

Posted By on December 20, 2016

This is the time of year for looking back at the past while keeping an eye toward the future. Whatever your background or traditions we hope this time of year holds special meaning for you.

To allow our staff time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends for Christmas and New Year’s, our stores will be closing at 1 pm on Saturday and re-opening at 8 am on Monday for both holidays. The Ocala store will be closed each Sunday (the actual holidays).

Please be sure to check your feed and hay supplies early in the week so you you don’t need to worry about running low. If you are still looking for last minute gift ideas, stop by one of our locations (Archer, High Springs, Ocala) and pick up a handful of gift certificates. They can be purchased in any amount and “one size fits all”.

We are grateful to have you as a customer, and on behalf of all the folks at Midwest, I’d like to wish you abundance, happiness, and peace in a new year filled with hope.

Happy holidays!

Giving Thanks

Posted By on November 18, 2016

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. And we consider you, our customers, to be one of those blessings.

Whatever is beautiful,
Whatever is meaningful,
Whatever brings you happiness…
May it be yours this Holiday Season.
And may the good things of life
be yours in abundance.

All of our locations (Archer, High Springs, Ocala) will be closed on Thanksgiving Day to allow our staff to be with family and friends. For your convenience, we will be open regular hours on Wednesday and Friday (8 am to 6 pm).

Hurricane Closure

Posted By on October 6, 2016

matthew-10-6All Midwest locations (Archer, High Springs, Ocala) will be closed on Friday, October 7th so our employees can be safely at home during the extreme weather which Hurricane Matthew is sending our way.  We will be open until 6 this evening and will re-open on Saturday morning.

Please take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your pets/livestock safe.

Here is a link to the Weather Channel’s updates for Matthew

Please see this previous post for more information about being prepared.

Be Prepared for Storm

Posted By on August 31, 2016

The Governor has declared a state of emergency for 42 counties in Florida … this pretty much means everyone in and around our 3 stores (Archer, High Springs, Ocala).  Please stock up for yourselves and your animals.  If you don’t already have an evacuation plan, create one … right away.  And please know whether you are in an area prone to flooding as we are supposed to get a LOT of rain.


Here’s a link with more information.

Here’s another link.


Help Flood Victims

Posted By on August 26, 2016


August 2016 Flooding in Baton Rouge Louisiana 20160815-OC-DOD-0004UPDATE:  The truck is now leaving on Wednesday the 31st, so there are a couple of extra days to drop things off.  We will be a collection point until late Tuesday afternoon.

We just found out about this.  Please spread the information to anyone in the Ocala area.  It’s to help the flood victims in Louisiana.

There is a semi going to Louisiana on Monday to take supplies.  One of the ladies at Midwest (Jeannie) is collecting items and will be delivering them.  Items need to be dropped off by Sunday afternoon so she can get them to the loading area for the truck.  You can purchase food for horses, livestock, and pets at the store to donate as well.

The folks in Louisiana need everything … only NEW items please

  • Basics … soap, toothpaste, toilet paper
  • Things for babies … diapers, baby wipes, portable cribs, baby food in foil packages only
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Feed for animals & buckets
  • Anything you can give small or large would be so appreciated!!!

A lot of these items can be found at the dollar store.   Please open your hearts!!!

Thank you

Items can be dropped off at

3352 NW Blichton rd
Ocala, FL 34478
Friday till 6 pm, Saturday 8 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 11 am – 3 pm.

Or the Braised Onion
754 NE 25th Ave
Ocala, FL 34470
Jeannie will be there Friday night 4:30 to close and Saturday from 5:30 until approximately 9pm.

If something happened to us here, we would hope someone would be able to lend a hand.


Save on Horse Feed

Posted By on May 4, 2016

Don’t miss this special, limited-time offer on ProForce Horse Feeds! Save $2.50 per bag.  Stop in today.  Sale ends 6/19/16.


Chick Meeting @ High Springs

Posted By on March 11, 2016

rp_300px-Freerangechickens.jpgOur High Springs location is having an informational chick meeting on Monday, April 4th at 6:30 pm.  Nutritional consultant, Dusty Dollar from Nutrena, will be presenting the program for the evening.  The Alachua County 4-H poultry club will be on hand as well to answer any questions youth or parents may have about the 4-H program or membership.

Whether you’re new to raising chicks, just thinking about it, or an “old hand” … the meeting will be of benefit to you.  Dusty is a wealth of information and provides a fun, interactive evening for everyone.  Sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drinks will be provided.  Please call the store to RSVP so they can make sure we have enough food and chairs for everyone who wants to attend (386-454-1271).

Mark your calendar for April 4th and call in your reservation today.



Cattle Handling Safety

Posted By on February 23, 2016

It goes without saying that cattle are typically much larger than the humans handling them.  They seem to be able to move with lightning speed as well, and when they kick, it sure packs a wallop.  This means that handling them safely requires thought and experience.

Gifted handlers have an instinctual understanding of how to move while working in and around cattle. They don’t shout or rush from one place to another. They move in harmony with the cattle and are almost inconspicuous as they work to position animals for examination or transfer to other facilities.

Those taking care of cattle need to be prepared so they can promote the welfare of the cattle and also avoid harm to self and animals.  While approximately 85% of those who handle cattle each year do so without incidence, that statistic means that about 15% do get injured each year. Even the experienced and capable herdsman will receive his/her share of bumps and bruises at some time.

Here are a few tips that may make things a bit easier for you in your efforts to control the movements of cattle:

  • When working with a specific bovine, continue to be aware of what the others are doing … glance around so as not to be caught off-guard by one that may have slipped in behind you.
  • Stay quiet and calm … talk to the cattle as you move around.  This lets them know where you are in relation to the herd.  Yelling and hurrying only tends to stir them up and could be detrimental to your efforts.
  • If they become frightened or flighty, give them an opportunity to settle.  Quiet cattle are much easier to work with and it will likely save you time if you take time to settle things down and keep it calm.
  • You might find it helpful to carry a sorting stick when working with cattle.  The length of the stick adds a little safety zone between you and the cattle and allows you to be a bit imposing by making your “space” bigger than it actually is.  It may come in handy when dealing with stock that is a little aggressive.

Cattle are not dumb, but do tend to be a bit skittish and loud noises can send them on the run.  Taking extra care and precaution when working around them could very well save your life.

Here are some video clips that have some great information.
Cattle Behavior and Handling
Temple Grandin Shares Top Cattle Handling Tips
Animal Behavior with Temple Grandin

Responsible Dog Ownership

Posted By on February 11, 2016

Free photo found here:

Free photo found here:

Owning a dog has many benefits and lots of folks talk about those, but we don’t see too much about the commitment and responsibility that goes along with it.  Dogs are well-known for their dedication, steadfastness and fellowship to humans. Anyone who has adored that precious little puppy attest to their unconditional love and devotion.

Tips for responsible pet ownership :

  • After getting a dog or puppy, if it gets out of hand, you can’t simply exchange it. When it becomes ill, you need to address the issue as soon as possible and this sometimes means a trip to the veterinary.  You may need to adjust or modify your home environment to keep thing out of reach … very much like when there is a small child in the house.
  • Dogs need to be educated or trained … they are not well behaved all on their own.  They need to socialize with people and other animals so safe behaviors are encouraged and those that might pose a danger to others are inhibited.
  • You might want our dog to wear a collar at all times with an ID tag so you can be contacted in the event that Fido becomes lost. Consider micro-chipping your dog for an added level of assurance and register your information with the company and should your dog be lost and taken to a shelter, they will be able to locate you.  There was just an instance of a dog that had been missing for 10 years being returned to the original owners when the micro-chip was discovered.
  • Your new dog will bond with you and your family during the initial few weeks, but it may take several months depending on the age of the dog and previous history.  It might initially be hard to remember that while you are working, out with friends, or running errands, your new fur-friend is waiting for you to return home.  Dogs are social creatrues, so you must make time for him.
  • Preventing your dog from disturbing other individuals, environments, and animals may take time and effort.  This includes picking up waste as you’re out for a walk, control of barking, keeping your dog on your own property, and some obedience training are necessary to help your new family member be loved and appreciated rather than the dread of the neighborhood.
  • You will find that most dogs need mental and physical stimulation.  A dog that is locked up all day is going to get bored and likely become destructive.  An assortment of chew toys will help with this as will walks or playing off leash in safely fenced areas.  Most dogs love to run, and just like with small kids, they seem to have boundless energy.
  • You may find that others around you appreciate your dog’s company as much as you do.  A well-mannered dog is typically welcome at any number of public places … this means a dog that walks next to you on a leash and isn’t lunging at people or animals.  There is no reason for a dog to be tugging and pulling you down the street as you’re out for a
    stroll.  If this is happening, invest in a few dog obedience classes and you’ll be much happier on your walks.
  • Here in Florida, it’s important to include items for your dogs or other pets in your “bug out” kit should you need to leave quickly for a hurricane, storm, or other crisis or catastrophe.  Know who will take care of your precious pooch if you become ill or are in an accident.
  • Do not leave a yapping canine outside. Constant yapping is uncalled for and just plain irritating to neighbors (as well as disrespectful).
  • Most areas have leash laws and it’s just good practice to keep your dog close at hand when you are out and about.  It means everyone is likely to be safe from harm.

The health and vitality of your pampered pooch is evident when you return home and see the wagging tail as soon as you step through the door, watching as he scampers after the tennis ball you tossed, or as her head settles into your lap at the end of a long day.   Take the time to educate your dog and let it be a valued member of your life.

2016 Chick Days Schedule

Posted By on February 10, 2016

Please note the following information:

Schedules are tentative and dependent on hatchery production.
Chicks usually arrive on Thursday of any given week.
Chicks sell out quickly and are first come, first served.
We cannot hold, take reservations, or notify of actual arrival.

The dates listed are approximate “ship dates”.  The actual date of
shipment may be a day or two before the date shown.  Please contact
the store closest to you for specific arrival information.

Click on the store location and a PDF of the 2016 schedule will open.

2016 Chick Schedule Archer

2016 Chick Schedule High Springs

2016 Chick Schedule Ocala