Ocala Poultry Workshop

Posted By on January 31, 2014

As more families are choosing to take control of the food they put on their table, the number of people raising chickens is also increasing.   Children learn values and responsibility while participating in the local food movement.  With research and a little planning, raising chickens can be a fun, educational family project.

Research should include

  • Local zoning ordinances – city, county, or neighborhood homeowner association
  • What to expect regarding noise and odor from the flock
  •  Flock security and safety from predators
  • Feeding, care and maintenance of the flock

Whether you’re taking your first plunge into chicken ownership or you’re a seasoned flock owner, Midwest Feed & Farm (Archer, High Springs, Ocala) is your resource for advice and supplies.

The Ocala store is holding a Poultry Workshop on Thursday, February 27th @ 6:30 PM.  Please call the store to RSVP  352-351-8008.

Ocala Poultry Workshop

You’ll find lots of great information at the following links including pictures and specific information for each breed.

Chick shipments will arrive on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at all locations through mid-April.  As always, we have a varied selection of chicks ordered and we will also be receiving ducks, geese, guineas, and turkeys periodically.  Our supplier sometimes finds it necessary to make substitutions based on hatch-out rates, etc … so check with our store nearest to you for a list of chicks and when they are scheduled to arrive.

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